Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections / Time spent: I had to redo Project 3: Photo Design, it is somewhere on my computer that isn’t working. It took like 2 hours to redo.

Message: This is me and my designs.

Audience: Future Employer

Top Thing Learned:

When I understand how to do something I am really good at, I can get it done in a timely matter

Future application of Visual Media:

I am a Visual Communication Major so this class was vital for me to take.

Color scheme and color names:

Analagous, Blue, Indigo, Purple

Title Font Name & Category:

Lucida Calligraphy, Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category:

American Typewriter, Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):



Project 8: Brochure


I tried to make my Video but it wouldn’t work both times I tried to make it, and My computer froze so I couldn’t use that.

  •     Description: I made a brochure about the importance of my family.
  •     Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used indesign to create the brochure. I used pictures from my Thanksgiving trip. I used the corner options for the pictures and curved the edges. For my logo I used illustrator.
  •     Message: My message is about the importance of family time.
  •     Audience: My family.
  •     Top Thing Learned: That I like making brochures but I found that it is more difficult than I thought.
  •     Color scheme and color names: Indigo, Monochromatic
  • Title Font Name & Category: Lucida Calligraphy, Decorative
  •     Copy Font Name & Category:American Typewriter, Serif
  •     Word Count: 287
  •     Thumbnails of Images used:IMG_9277J&LIMG_9410IMG_9379IMG_9314IMG_9277IMG_9401
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites): These are my own Images.

Project 7: Web Design



  • Description: Design a website to describe my logo.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used TextWrangler to create my website, I took Web design last semester so I could decide where I wanted to go, either with Communications or web design, I decided to choose Communications.
  • Message: People who want a photographer
  • Audience: People who need pictures taken
  • Top Thing Learned: That I was already good at Web design and I could help others when they needed help.
  • Color scheme and color hex: Black, White and Blue.
  • Title Font Families & Category: Myriad Pro, San-Serif
  • Copy Font Families & Category: Times New Roman, San-Serif
  • Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font for the title and I deleted the h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 section because I didn’t need them

Project 6: Stationary

Description: create stationary and a business card.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used illustrator and indesign to create this project. For the logo I used a tool on illustrator called the symbols tool. On indesign I set the transparency to 10%. I just created a white business card.
Message: I am available for designing anything.
Audience: Anyone who needs designs.
Top Thing Learned: that I love designing stationary and business cards.
Color scheme and color names: monochromatic, pink
Title Font Name & Category: Lucida Calligraphy, Decorative
Copy Font Name & Category: modern no. 20, San serif



Project 5: Logos


  • Description: Create logo options for a company who wants to purchase a
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills) I used illustrator for this logos project, I used the pen tool and the to create the aperture on the top logo.  On the top logo I also used the create outlines tool to make the M and the W more visually appealing. On the Middle Logo I used the create outlines tool on both P’s in Photography. On the Bottom Logo, I used the Shapes tools for the middle of the O’s and created a camera lens in the middle.
  • Message: Mariah Wolcott’s photography.
  • Audience: Seniors who want senior pictures, Family pictures.
  • Top Thing Learned: That I like using illustrator, it was hard at first but then I got the hang of it and I like it now.
  • Three Color Scheme and Color Names: Top logo: Black and White, Middle logo: Black and White, Bottom Logo: Monochromatic, Blue
  • Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Top Logo: Myriad Pro, Myriad Pro Sans-Serif, Middle logo: Engravers MT Decorative, Lucidia Calligraphy Italic Decroative, Bottom Logo: Monotype Corsiva Script, Myriad Pro Sans-serif
  • Votes on favorite logo: Top Logo = 9; Middle Logo = 1; Bottom Logo = 1;
  • My favorite logo is the top logo.

Project 4: Montage


  • Description: For this project,we are supposed to create a picture montage. a picture montage is combining two pictures and blending them together.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Photoshop to create the Photo Montage. I used Craquelure filter on the background. Crack Spacing: 2, Crack depth: 1, Crack Brightness: 8 were the options I used for the picture. On the text I used Bevel and Emboss, Outer glow and Drop Shadow. For the picture of myself i used a 6.1 feathered brush to blend it into the picture. 
  • Message: My message is to smile.  
  • Audience: Anyone who is having a bad day and needs uplifting,
  • Top Thing Learned: I love Photoshop
  • Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I used the Craquelure filter on the background.
  • Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Brick.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Monotype Corsiva, Script
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Arial Black, Sans-Serif
  • Thumbnails of Images used:
  •  ArchesnationalPark MariahWolcott
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): I used my own pictures. 


Project 3: Photodesign


  • Description: Demonstrate good photography skills and image editing skills. Make a layout using the picture that was edited.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I first used the Visual Focus book to figure out a color scheme. I then used a point and shoot camera to take the pictures. I used photoshop to edit and design the layout. In photoshop, I used the L-VS-SC-S:  Levels, Vibrance/Sats, Selective Color, Sharpness to edit the picture. I then started my layout, I used a gradient for the background using the color scheme. I used the same gradients behind the text. I used contrasting fonts and font sizes for the quote.
  • Message: My message is for music lovers in the church. In saying that music is a wonderful thing and there is power in music.
  • Audience: Music lovers in the church.
  • Top Thing Learned: That I love doing layouts and it was good to get feedback when my design wasn’t good beforehand.
  • Color scheme and color names: Analogous, Blue, Indigo and Teal.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Apple Chancery, Script
  • Copy Font Name & Category: American Typewriter, Serif
  • Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted
  • SAM_0291
  • Date and location you took the photo(s): February 4, 2014, Snow Building.

Project 2: Event Ad


  • Description: This is a Bake sale fundraiser to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Microsoft Word, I used photoshop to import the scan. I used the shapes to make the boxes behind the text. I used the red on the text to make it stand out with the black font. I used AP-Style writing for this flyer.
  • Message: Help the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Audience: Students at BYU-Idaho.
  • Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Red, Black and White
  • Top Thing Learned: I can actually design in word, I don’t like designing in word but if I need to, I can.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Adobe Garamond Pro, Oldstyle
  • Copy Font Name & Category:Rockwell, Slab Serif
  • Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: Used a picture from a cookbook, M&M’s fun stuff cookbook, 1184 px x 1220 px, Spori lab.

Project 1 Flier


  • Description: This flyer is in black and white. It has black dots to make it stand out.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used InDesign to create this flyer. The tool I used to create this flyer were the Type tool to put the text on the page, the Rectangle frame tool to place the picture and the logo. I also use the Rectangle tool to create the boxes behind the text, and I used the Ellipse tool to create the dots. I have been using InDesign for about 4 years now, and I love using these programs.
  • Message: I am making this flyer for the Graduates so they can go to a leadership conference. They need to know how to be a leader.
  • Audience: This flyer is for the Graduates.
  • Top Thing Learned: That I have more talent than I thought I did and that I have a hard time finishing my work the best I think I can accomplish. I think that my work that I do isn’t good enough.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Cooper Black, Decorative Font.
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Rockwell, Slab Serif.

Links to images used in this project: